Standard Privacy Policy

At Stubby Holder Wholesaler, we make sure that our valued customers are crystal clear about our Privacy Policy and encourage an understanding of the policy given below. For your ease we have presented a concise, yet complete Privacy Policy.

Anonymous Information

Our website monitors the frequency of visitors approaching the Stubby Holder Wholesaler’s webpage by automatically gathering anonymous information. The purpose of this collective data is to help us determine which part of our websites, visitors liked the most. Please remember that we do not collect individual data and information from our visitors, rather a holistic picture is attained in order to improve the visibility of the different components of our website. We strive to make our website more informative and appealing, and to facilitate ease of use for our visitors. Stubby Holder Wholesaler upholds the pertaining Privacy Laws and will not publish or provide this data to other people or authorities.

Personal Information

Your consent is the only S.O.P we follow. If you agree to allow us to use your personal information, Stubby Holder Wholesaler will make sure that it is being utilized only for the purpose intended. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without your consent.

Disclosures required by Legislature

There might be instances where it is mandatory for Stubby Holder Wholesaler to disclose your information to third parties.

We may be compelled in specific situations to disclose your information if deemed necessary by the law. In other cases, Stubby Holder Wholesaler may be required to disclose certain personal information to third parties, which is intended only to facilitate the purpose and the process for which you disclosed your personal information in the first place.

For example, if you order products which are being provided by third party suppliers, it will be essential for Stubby Holder Wholesaler to disclose the least amount of your personal information. This information will be required in order to bill and deliver your products. The use of your information is only intended to fulfill the purpose for which you provided us with your personal information. For instance your postal address might be provided to a third party courier service so as to enable them to deliver your products. We shall never disclose your credit card details or financial information to anyone else.

Other than that which has been stated above, Stubby Holder Wholesaler will not disclose your personal information to any organization or individual outside Stubby Holder Wholesaler. We safeguard every bit of your information including your name, address, email address or telephone number; until and unless you have provided your written consent.

Under no condition will any individual associated with Stubby Holder Wholesaler be able to sell or receive payment for sharing or disclosing your personal information with anyone or any company. Even the use of your personal information for any purpose other than the one for which you agreed is prohibited.

Last but not the least, Stubby Holder Wholesaler strictly conforms to the rules and procedures set forth by the Australian Privacy Commissioner. We also do not set cookies nor collect your email address by key logging methods unless your consent is obtained. Your email address is specifically used for the purpose of ordering and communicating only.