Terms & Conditions

Stubby Holder Wholesaler terms and conditions are listed below and are in effect for any order placed with us:

Terms of Payment

Clients are notified to fulfill all their dues/costs with the acceptance of our confirmation email unless otherwise stated. Production will only begin if all invoiced costs are paid in full.

Freight costs are included in the invboice, and clients are required to clear freight charges as being invoiced. Stubby Holder Wholesaler ensures its clients to utilize the most affordable and efficient courier option available keeping in view your destination and required delivery date. However Stubby Holder Wholesaler cannot be held responsible for goods damaged, delayed, or lost by the carrier, relevant custom departments or by ‘acts of God’.

Dispatch of final order should not be expected, until all/remaining invoice amount is paid.

Ownership & Property Right

Stubby Holder Wholesaler retains the sole ownership/property right of all orders until the invoice amount is paid in full.  Stubby Holder Wholesaler also retains the ownership of all designs and may use them for marketing purposes.

Terms and Conditions of Order Processing


Upon accepting the confirmation mail by Stubby Holder Wholesaler, and by sending your approval email along with the illustration (graphic/logo/artwork) to us; you will be obligating to the purchase of goods described in accordance with the order forms/emails.


Therefore we request you to carefully review your final order or illustration (graphic/logo/artwork). No verbal changes are acceptable at Stubby Holder Wholesaler. Only written request for any changes (mail or e-mail) are accommodated, subject to the condition that your order has not been processed or is in the production queue. Stubby Holder Wholesaler shall not be held responsible for any factual mistake or error with respect to your illustration (graphic/logo/artwork).


Orders can be cancelled up until the end of the design process.  If you cancel after we have done your design you are still liable to pay for our designers time.  Final orders that are ready for dispatch or in the production queue are not subject to any sort of cancellation.

Claims or Returns

At Stubby Holder Wholesaler, we guarantee our clients with a quality neoprene product along with premium stitching on world-class processing plants. Even in the unlikely event of a claim or return; only written claim requested are entertained within 7 days of receiving the goods.
“Claims/Returns” is defined as a fault, manufacturing defect, or printing error in the product supplied. A refund or product replacement is only valid when the faulty goods are returned within 14 days in for a thorough inspection.

Matching Colors

Stubby Holder Wholesaler will ensure final print colors to match any sample or PMS color provided. However we cannot guarantee a 100% match due to different types of material being used. Most importantly we cannot ensure a perfect match between the visual on your computer and the final product.

Different types of material being used might result in slight variations of the same design being printed on different backgrounds.

Illustration & Material

Stubby Holder Wholesaler requests you to kindly review the illustrations including logos, photographs, and designs before submission. All content provided should be in accordance with the Australian Copyright Council and its pertaining laws. Stubby Holder Wholesaler shall not be responsible for any material which is in conflict with these laws.

Stubby Holder Wholesaler encourages prior permission from copyright holders for using copyrighted resources. We can also demand a legal right statement for items being provided by you in certain situations.

Stubby Holder Wholesaler also prints our URL somewhere out of the way on the stubby holders.  If this is not wanted you must notify the sales rep you deal with.

Product Samples

Stubby Holder Wholesaler can provide you with a specific sample designed to your request. However this sample will incur a Sampling Fee to cover the pertaining costs of final product and delivery.

All Orders from will be subject to the approval and discretion of Stubby Holder Wholesaler

Stubby Holder Wholesaler reserves the right to cancel any order for reasons including conflict with any of the terms mentioned above or for any other reason.

All content and material being displayed on the website remain the property of Stubby Holder Wholesaler. Sample products or templates are presented for display purposes only and remain the exclusive property of registered owners. Such brand names or logos should not be mistaken for duplication or sale.

The content or portion from this website shall not be reproduced, republished, duplicated or used for any commercial or private purpose without prior permission from Stubby Holder Wholesaler. Failure to comply with the statement mentioned above can result in statutory offences and legal proceedings.